Old Friends, N Seoul Tower, and Korean BBQ

Erik and Nick

A few weeks ago Nick was talking to one of his old college buddies at work that mentioned that their mutual friend Erik lived in Seoul as a professional game caster. Today was the first time we got to meet up with them, and had a blast! Erik’s newly engaged to a beautiful Korean national named Honey, and we got to spend the day with them!

We had lunch at a restaurant named Craftworks, a fairly western  restaurant with a good selection of beers. After that, to the taxis!

We started off heading up to N Seoul Tower, one of the best locations to see all of Seoul from. We took a taxi from our meeting spot at Noksapyeong Station up to the air car station. They pack you in those things!


The kids hit it off with Erik and Honey right away.

We arrived up at N Seoul Tower just as they were starting several traditional shows – the kids loved it!

After watching for a bit, we headed in to the tower, where our kids were celebrities again!

Up to the observation deck we went.

I feel like we should start charging for photos.


Honey showed the kids where they used to light the signal fires.

After the tower we grabbed our first Korean BBQ at a little joint near the Noksapyeong station. The kids thought it was a blast – both sitting on the floor, and cooking our own food over the coals! Olivia tried some of pretty much everything, and even Ian ate the pork and rice.

Nick hadn’t seen Erik in over a decade, but like all good friendship things picked up right where they left off. We’re very excited for their wedding next month!



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