Finding a Realtor

If you’re going to be living off-post, I can’t overstate how important this is. Finding a good realtor is VITAL. One, you want someone that’s going to listen to what you’re looking for and not just try to shove you in the first thing available. Two, you need an interpreter, because the vast majority of the maintenance/delivery people you’ll be dealing with don’t speak English. Three, you want someone that will help and support you past the move-in date.

Family/Living Room

We were blessed to have our realtor recommended to us by two families we were friends with at Sill that got here a while before us – Judy Kim from Crown Realty. Our friends had mentioned to her several times “they have FOUR KIDS, so they’ll need lots of room!”. Judy had the perfect spot for us – a duplex right outside the CPX gate, and also not far from Main/Andjong-ri Gate and Quarry Gate. It’s a good amount of space, a 4 bedroom 2.5 bath at about 2,100 square feet. She showed Nick two other places, but both were more typical condos. The duplex is in a part of town pretty much entirely Korean, with the only other expats being our duplex neighbors. And best part – the back yard opens up into a large playground!

Olivia didn’t want to take off her helmet after biking. It’s probably better that way.

The duplex had been empty for a few months before we moved in, so there were some maintenance things to take care of – issues with two of the air conditioners, and the refrigerator ended up needing to be replaced. Judy totally delivered – the AC repair guy was at the house the next day, and the new refrigerator got delivered the same day Nick told her it had failed!


The last bonus is that since Judy’s husband is active-duty, she can come on post. With any other realtor, you have to meet them at the walk-through gate (by main gate) and escort them to the housing office for the lease signing.

So, all in all, give Crown Realty a shot if you’re coming to Pyeongtaek. Judy’s been a joy to work with! The land line is 031-655-5627, and e-mail is


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