La Cartata Kids Cafe

For our daughters third birthday we took the four kids to La Cartata Kid’s Cafe. It’s a racing themed children’s cafe with lots of things to do to keep your child busy for hours!


It is 8,000w per child for the first hour and 2,000w for each adult or the purchase of a coffee covers an adult entrance fee. You pay for your first hour and adult entrance fee upfront and any additional time you pay on your way out. Each additional 30 minutes is 3,000w. The gals at the front desk spoke little English enough to communicate what we wanted. The guy running the track spoke English well and could communicate with the children on how to drive the vehicles.


They have a snack and drink stand to purchase from. We got juices for the kids and pop for us adults. We also each got a cup of dip n dots.

The race track makes a big loop around the room and you have an observation room above part of the track with seating so the adults can sit and chat with each other while the children play.


The kids had so much fun riding around the track in their little cars we could have stayed all day. On the way home they were asking to come back the next day and were already planning our next visit there!


There are dolls, kitchens, play tents, and other activities along the wall up by the sitting area for younger children to play with while the older children ride the cars.


In the sitting area they have a TV which shows surveillance video of each part of the cafe. So with one quick glance at the TV you can find where your children are.


If your child isn’t getting the hang of driving the cars on their own or are to small to figure it out they do have cars setup with a remote control so the adults can be the one driving them around while they enjoy the ride.


To the left of the track their is a play area under the stairway with big building blocks and a tool center. Above the play area you have a trampoline room that has a projection screen playing cartoons on the wall while the kids jump.


The list goes on when it comes to things to do here for the children. In the far corner they had a small slide/play are with a ball pit at the bottom of the slide. And in the opposite corner an area with a sandbox made with little wooden cubes that had shovels and buckets and toy trucks.


For you nursing mamas who like to have a little privacy while feeding your baby, they have a quiet area that you can nurse and change your baby.


Ask about the punch card, for every ten you get one free. You get a stamp for each child per visit so for our first visit we already got 3 stamps!

All in all, it’s a great way to kill a few hours while the kids run off some energy. We’re definitely wanting to start a business venture back home with one of these!




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