DJI Store and Pizza Mall – Hongdae

After Erik and Honey’s wedding we stayed at the Dragon Hill Lodge so we could tool around Seoul on Sunday. We had been wanting to go to the DJI store for a while to pick up two more batteries for the Phantom 4.


Like a lot of Korean architecture, it looks pretty awesome. They love their concrete and glass here. The kids rather liked the massive fake drone sitting outside.

First time we’ve seen a touchscreen in an elevator.


I’m not sure we were really supposed to go all the way to the top, but we did.


Unfortunately they didn’t have any Phantom 4 batteries in stock, so we decided to just wonder the Haedong area a little bit. It’s one of Seoul’s nicer market areas, so it was fun just walking around.

Nick saw this sign and immediately thought of his mom and sister Marta.


Eventually we found a place called Pizza Mall that looked pretty good – and we were spot on! The Pizza Mall is on the second floor of a store/cinema building. It is a buffet with a decent amount of choices.


Salads and a “Pomegranate Ade” that was excellent.


Miscellaneous foods – from fried Calamari to chicken to spaghetti (which was WAY too spicy for Hillary and the kids).


The pizza. Having spent a good bit of time in many metros, I have a good appreciation for quality pizza. I didn’t come to Korea expecting much in the way of good pizza.

Oh. Man. Was I wrong. This was some of the best pizza I’ve ever had. The quality of the sauce and cheese was top-notch, the crust was perfect… Wow.


The desserts. Right in front is a blueberry cream dip, with a cocoa/coffee dip behind it. There were thick pita-type chips to eat it with. Some cakes and fruits are to the right.


It was a relaxing morning after a busy weekend, and we headed home to chill out for a bit before launching into another week.


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