Erik and Honey’s Wedding

One of the best parts about moving to Korea was having an opportunity for Nick to catch up with Erik, and for the whole family to get to know Erik and Honey. We were very excited to be invited to their wedding on October 22nd, and Olivia was over the moon to be their flower girl!

We started our drive at about 11:30 Saturday morning, thinking that would give us plenty of time to stop at Dragon Hill Lodge to change and then make it the hour drive north to the wedding venue location. We caught some traffic on the way to Dragon Hill that got us there at about 1:45, a bit later than expected but still not too bad.

And this is where Waze failed us for the first time here in Korea. It took us to the middle of a tunnel and said we’d arrived at our destination. Not so much. We tried again putting in the specific address, and we ended up next to an old church and Redline Automotive service – about 20km from our first stop. We called Erik and he was able to install Waze and send us his location – but we were going to get there about five minutes after the ceremony started. Erik and Honey had the great idea to have Olivia spread the petals on their way out – thank God, because she was in tears when we told her we weren’t going to make it in time!


We got there at about 5:05, slipped Olivia in by the bridesmaids and got to enjoy most of the ceremony! It was a beautiful venue, with a handsome couple and excited friends and family. Erik’s dad is a Wisconsin Synod Lutheran Pastor and officiated, with a great message and prayers.

Erik and Honey are two of the most genuinely kind and caring people you could meet, and we were thrilled to share in their special day!


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