Tour – Bear Tree Park

Another weekend, another adventure! We took a group trip through the FRG (Family Readiness Group) to Bear Tree Park. Four families from the unit came out to feed the Bears and see the beautiful scenery and enjoy each others company!

Entrance fee into the park is 13,000 won for Adults and children 4+ is 8,000 won. They do have group rates as well. You can check out those prices at their website here. The park opens at 9:00 am we got there at 10:15 am and we were one of the first groups there. It was nice because you aren’t trying to find parking and aren’t fighting the crowds.

Caroline was our map holder and did a fantastic job leading us around the grounds!


First up was the Koi Pond and getting a chance to feed the carp. It was crazy to see them swarm to wherever you had dropped the food. They would be hurling themselves on top of one another just for a chance at a bite to eat.


Walking around the grounds is just breathtaking – there are beautiful plans and trees everywhere! They have several gardens that you can walk around and sculptures throughout.



They have a nice petting zoo area that house baby bears, Corgis, bunnies, a variety of birds, and guinea pigs. Our girls loved petting the corgis and running back and forth with them!


What’s a visit to Bear Tree Park without seeing the Bears and getting your chance to feed them? They put on quite the show for us, standing up on their hind legs with their front paws out ready for you to toss the food for them to catch in their mouths. One was laying on its back with its paws folded, it looked like he was begging for a bite!


Just chilling out on the top platform patiently waiting for someone to toss them some food.


Some of the others were too tired to perform for their chance of food. You would find them lounging on the bars, fast asleep basking in the morning sun.


A wide angel shot of one of the bear enclosures. If you walked through the tunnel you could view all three different bear enclosures, housing over twenty bears.


Feeding the bears got our tummies a grumbling so we headed to the Welcome House Restaurant. It’s located near the entrance of the park and on the second floor of the Welcome House. You can dine inside or sit outside and enjoy more of that beautiful scenery with a big tree at the center of the sitting area. Nick enjoyed the ribs, Hillary had a delicious stone grilled steak, and the kids shared a cheese pizza and fries.

If you want to venture out a little bit on your food choice and try Korean foods such as Bibimbap you can eat at the Slingshot Cafe. It’s at the top of the hill by Bear Sculpture Park. If you are just wanting a little snack, coffee, or cold drink they also have a Beartree Cafe that will satisfy you thirst. DSC03493.jpgDSC03485.jpgDSC03482.jpgDSC03508.jpg

We had a wonderful time with the kids and will definitely be going back – family members that come to visit can count on a trip here!



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