Mommy Flying Solo

We have been in Korea for over two months and besides the one night that we got away from kids to enjoy a meal at Bear Paw Hillary hasn’t been away from the children. I (Hillary) finally got to have a girls day out with a good friend. So what does a girl do best when out with her girlfriends? Shop of course!

Our first Stop was a craft store called Dream Depot. And like any Korean store you go in it is filled with goodies from floor to ceiling!

2016-11-05 12.43.28.jpg

It had pretty much everything I was looking for. From your glue and construction paper, to colored feathers and googly eyes, they had it all. Definitely go with a list of things you want/ need for the crafts you have in mind, otherwise you could end up with a little bit of everything and end up spending a small fortune!

Here is a look at the inside!

2016-11-05 12.04.10.jpg2016-11-05 12.28.09.jpg2016-11-05 12.28.19.jpg2016-11-05 12.34.44.jpg2016-11-05 12.34.51.jpg2016-11-05 12.34.55.jpg2016-11-05 12.35.46.jpg2016-11-05 12.36.11.jpg2016-11-05 12.36.19.jpg

Here’s my stash that i took home! Keep in mind I am buying supplies for 3 children that i home school and we do a craft at least once a week.

I am pretty sure I went up and down each aisle at least 3 times trying to decide what exactly I wanted even with my list in my hands (on Phone).

2016-11-06 07.24.18.jpg

Next up we went to Dasio, which is our version of a dollar store back home. The signature mark for Dasio is VERY similar to that of Targets with the big red circle minus the dot in the middle.

2016-11-05 13.06.24.jpg

Pretty much like your American dollar store it has a little bit of everything. This Dasio is two stories full of your everyday goodies! From your little bit of groceries, to health and beauty, toys, pet supplies, and even gardening equipment.  Will definitely be making several trips here during our two year stay to get some deals!

2016-11-05 13.07.11.jpg2016-11-05 13.07.21.jpg2016-11-05 13.12.03.jpg2016-11-05 13.14.15.jpg2016-11-05 13.17.35.jpg2016-11-05 13.19.10.jpg2016-11-05 13.19.17.jpg

Our last stop was to grab a quick bite to eat before heading back home to our crazy families. I have heard about these bakeries here and how I’ll need to do an extra workout just thinking about all the deliciousness from the bakeries. Well I now understand what they mean! Paris Baguette was delicious!

2016-11-05 14.01.36.jpg

Jen and I shared a chicken sandwich, which only had a sliver of chicken deli meat with lots of fresh vegetables. I have never been a big vegetable person until recently (last 2-3 years) but I really enjoyed that sandwich. we also split a grilled sausage pastry which again was tasty and mouthwateringly delicious!2016-11-05 13.43.12.jpg

One of my greatest weaknesses is a flavorful cake, even better if it is strawberry! Going to have to find a reason to go get one of these cakes to try out soon. Maybe cake instead of pumpkin pie this year?

2016-11-05 13.32.10.jpg

Our landlord brought some doughnuts from Paris Baguette about a month ago as a welcoming gift so we had a little taste of what they offer. Only to find the many assortments of pastries, cakes, breads, sandwiches, bagels, the list goes on and on.

2016-11-05 13.33.33.jpg2016-11-05 13.32.15.jpg2016-11-05 13.33.15.jpg2016-11-05 13.33.09.jpg2016-11-05 13.32.34.jpg

It was a fun girls afternoon out, gave me just the perfect amount of a mommy break to rejuvenate and miss my babies to get home and have them running into my arms!


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