Seoul Grand Children’s Park

With Nick having a four day weekend thanks to Veteran’s Day we decided to take advantage of the long weekend and make a trip up to Seoul. Dragon Hill Lodge (DHL) has kind of been like a second home for us, with how long we stayed there when we first got to Korea and the few times we’ve gone back to stay. The kids get so excited about going to “The Dragon” and playing at the playground!

We started the long weekend with the Seoul Grand Children’s Park. It was a little chilly but we bundled up and enjoyed seeing all the animals and spending time with great friends! The park is free to enter but if you use one of the park’s parking lots you will pay about 16,000 won.


Map of the park.


The cool weather wasn’t going to stop us from having a fun time!


Before walking around the park we stopped at one of the little restaurants that was close to the entrance. We got two baskets of Chicken that were thickly battered and deliciously fried! One had a bit of a kick to it and the other was like a sweet garlic with a hint of honey flavor. Surprisingly Ian was the only only to really give it a try and liked it. There was a nice outdoor patio area that would be  nice to sit out on during the warmer months.

2016-11-10 12.49.13.jpg2016-11-10 11.51.44.jpg

First up were the seals! We got to watch them swim and play with one another. And I never realized how big a Sea Lion can get! This guy was monstrous!

2016-11-10 13.41.50.jpg2016-11-10 13.43.11.jpg

In the viewing area underneath the stage of the seals they had a display of a seal and polar bear bones. Kids thought it was neat to see “how they are built”.

2016-11-10 13.42.41.jpg2016-11-10 13.42.18.jpg

Ian was a little disappointed that their weren’t any real polar bears in the exhibit. But he did get a picture with a few statutes!

2016-11-10 13.45.35.jpg

While waiting to meet up with some friends we went to check out Herbivores exhibit where we got to feed the deer and see some Zebras and rams.


This deer apparently was very hungry and impatient and grabbed the whole box of food from Olivia’s hands.


We must have gotten there around feeding time because everyone was either munching on their dinners or impatiently waiting for their food.


Finally we met up with our friends and headed to the small animals village where we got to see some Meerkats, chubby prairie dogs, and a Wallaroo.


Our crazy group of children loved running from place to place together. It was like follow the leader or monkey see monkey do with this bunch!


Next we went to the Aquatic Bird exhibit where a pelican was very interested in the kids. He would follow the kids up and down the the viewing room and kept opening his massive mouth.


The park trees were still covered in the fall foliage and it was beautiful being surrounded by all the autumn colors.


The last exhibit that we checked out at the World of Ferocious Animals. Sadly the elephants weren’t out, I’m guessing it was to chilly to have them out. We did get to see lots of big cats, like Bengal Tigers, Lions, Jaguar, Servals, foxes, and Hyenas. A male Leopard  was pacing back and forth right by the viewing area and the kids thought it was pretty neat to see him up close!


Some day we want to get a cat that is a cross between a Serval and a domestic. I just wanted to take these two home with us.



Last stop before we left was the Wizard of Oz playground. Kids got to play for about 5 minutes before it started to rain on us. By the time we got to the truck we were pretty wet.


The kids sure enjoyed the afternoon with great friends running around and playing while seeing many different animals.  The adults had fun catching up and chatting while walking from exhibit to exhibit. There is a decent amount of stores and shops, with a good variety of activities for all age groups. We definitely recommend the park – particularly since admission is free!


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