Review and Tour – Dragon Hill Lodge (Yongsan/Seoul)

Dragon Hill Lodge (DHL) is the on-post lodging at Yongsan, and it’s pretty nice! It’s very conveniently located as 19th Human Resources Company (the reception company) is just across the parking lot. It’s very close to Gate 1 which provides easy access to Samgakji station, which can get you started to just about anywhere in Seoul.


Hotel Overview

The grounds and the common spaces are quite beautiful. The pictures speak for themselves.



Pool – Disappointing. It’s just a 4 lane lap pool, so not very kid-friendly.

Playground – This is one of the contributing factors to us and the kids retaining our sanity over our nearly two week stay. It’s got a section meant for younger children and a section for older children.

Basketball Court- Small court with one hoop located next to the playground.



This is one of the strongest features of DHL. There are four sit-down restaurants and four fast food.


Your typical American-style restaurant, it has a breakfast buffet in the morning that’s pretty solid, and kids 4 and under eat off it for free when an adult orders.



A Mexican/American sit-down restaurant which features a taco buffet with some BBQ options.


Bentley’s Pub

A pub that serves appetizer foods while you sit back and have a few drinks.


Deli/ Bakery

If we weren’t eating breakfast at Greenstreet we would be munching on these delicious donuts and slurping down strawberry/ banana smoothies.


Subway/ Pizza Hut

This was our lifesaver for our picky children! Another plus your can order over the phone and have it delivered to your room.



Ice Cream Parlor

This is towards the back of the restaurant. Don’t expect a Baskin Robins variety of flavors, but it calms the ice cream craving you have.



Friendly staff and a great place to grab a few items you need or forgot to pack. Also nice to be able to have a place to grab a few grocery items to have in your room for those lazy afternoon or late night snacks.



Being a family of 6 ( 2 Adults, 4 children ages 6y to 9m) they gave us two adjoining king rooms. The rooms were nice, had lots of closet space to put all your luggage. Each room had a microwave, some dishes, a mini fridge and coffee pot.


Business Center

They have an electronics store as well to help accommodate you in getting a new Korean phone and number.  Our original plan was to keep my State side phone number with Google’s ProjectFi service, but we quickly realized that it will be much more beneficial to have a Korean phone number. There are many great apps to be able to keep in touch with family. We use the Facebook messenger app to make phone calls and video calls to family and friends that are state side.


Information Desk

They have staff on duty that can help you plan out a day of sight seeing. They can help with car rentals to tickets to many different attractions and entertainment. Also help with you figuring out the best subway route to get to your destinations. One of my favorite things was this big map of Seoul that has endless options of attractions to pick!


All in all, DHL is a really solid option for both short and extended stays. We’ve stayed there a few times since inprocessing and had a great experience each time.


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