Starlight Festival at E-World

Another weekend, more traveling! Expecting that Nick would be taking a command in the near future, we’ve tried to knock out as much as we can before life gets busier. We have done a lot of traveling to Seoul and near Pyeongtaek but haven’t traveled south past Cheonan. We decided to plan a trip to Daegu to go to the amusement park E-World for the Lighting Festival.The drive wasn’t too bad, not nearly the amount of traffic as going to Seoul, so right there in itself was much less stressful! Another plus was it was a beautiful fall weekend driving through the mountains, which really made us wish to have brought our big camera gear and drone to get some neat footage/ pictures.

After getting checked into the Camp Walker Lodging and settled in a bit we headed to E-World which was all of a ten minute drive down the road. Once we arrived we stood in a fairly short line to buy our tickets into the park. This was a bit tricky as the gal spoke little English and trying to communicate height of children to figure out what type of pass to purchase for each. If you have children that are 120cm or shorter than this is NOT the park to go. We’ll talk more about why shortly.


If you are going to the park to enjoy JUST the lights than yes by all means bring kids of all ages with you. BUT if you plan to go to enjoy the rides beware that their are very few rides available for the younger ages. We really didn’t feel like the money we spent on purchasing tickets for everyone to go into the park and ride the rides was worth it. There ended up being about four rides that our three older ones could ride on.

We got their late afternoon so it was still light out when we arrived. The park was beautifully decorated for the holidays. A big plus was that it’s very stroller friendly, but you’ll get a workout in because its quite hilly.


We decided to grab dinner right when we got their before doing any of the rides and before the lines got crazy long. There was a pizza joint and a burger/chicken restaurant right next to each other. I ran into Globurger to get some chicken for Ian, while Nick found a spot to sit and order pizza for the rest of the family.

Glouburger – Staff was very friendly and helpful when it came to deciding what to get. One gentlemen (I assume was the manager) spoke fairly well English and made the ordering process very easy.

Pizza Mall – We got a large cheese pizza with a side of spaghetti and a drink all for 19,00w. The spaghetti was okay, noodles weren’t cooked quite long enough. We had a little miscommunication when it came to the pizza and had to have it redone. Nick was trying to explain only cheese no other toppings. Pizza was very cheesey! Kids LOVED the stringyness of the pizza and trying to eat it!


Now onto the beautiful lights that lit up the park. They were pretty, but I was expecting a bit more than what they had. We made one big loop around the park and there were some areas I thought that could have used some more lights especially when there wasn’t anything near by (rides, food vendors, toy stands).


They had a small parade/ train that made its way through the park with a few of the popular Korean characters and a couple prince and princesses walking behind the train.


There is a zoo attached to the amusement park but by the time we got to the entrance of the zoo it was dark and the animals were hard to see or in their little nests for the night. The kids did find a robot that looked like Optimus prime and thought it was neat to ride in it.


Of course when we saw the construction equipment that the kids could run we had to let them, or I’m sure Papa would have been disappointed in us. Olivia and Ian got to run a machine that would allow you to pick up logs and Tali, with the help of mommy, got to run a digger.


The first ride we found that any of the kids could ride on Was the Music Express.  When we got on the ride to pick our cart and the 3 of us sat down, only to find out it’s two per cart. Hillary ended up having to sit four carts behind Olivia and Ian. Which made for a worried mom watching her children intently the whole ride making sure they weren’t scared or crying. Tough to do when you can only see the tips of the heads and little hands in the air. But  when we the ride stopped and met back up with the kids the smiles on their faces were obvious of the fun they had.


Nataliya was not quite big enough to ride this ride so she sat with daddy and Cara, pouting. Two teenage Korean guys came by to try and cheer her up and squatted down on her level but she was still upset she was missing out on the fun.


While mommy and the older two waited in line for their turn on the ride Nick and the younger two girls and walked around to check out some more of the pretty lights, and the LED rose garden.


The second ride all 3 kids got to go on was the rocket/ spaceship ride. Olivia and Ian rode in one shuttle and Tali and mommy in another. This one you could control going up and down with a joystick while going round and round.


One of the last frustrations was the play area that only Olivia was tall enough to go in – and it was basically just a little playground. So once again, disappointed kids.

And like any amusement park you have to stop in the Souvenir shops and always end up taking home some silly toy they will play with for a few days and forget.


All in all, we were disappointed for the amount of money spent. The kids had fun, but the park could use some serious work in being appropriate for younger children.



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