Jongro Meat Restaurant and Kids Play

We’ve been on a bit of a hiatus due to Nick’s crazy work schedule this past month. The children and Hillary have been cooped up in the house during the week days. When the weekend rolls around Nick has been so drained from his 15+ hour work days that we just relax at home and let him breathe a sigh of relief for a bit.

So it was a much needed family day out at a really neat restaurant in Pyeongtaek. It was a Korean BBQ meat restaurant called Jongro which had a kids play area inside!


Going on a Friday afternoon we pretty much had the restaurant to ourselves. They do have some Western seating but the majority of the place is Korean seating. We chose to sit in Korean seating as it is closer to the kids play. I really like the fact the the Korean seating had backs to their chairs instead of just sitting on a pillow.


The menu was limited in variety of meat choices. All of their meat choices are pork, which is kind of a bummer – we’d prefer some chicken or beef options as well. You will have your many Korean side dishes like Kimchee offered with your meat.

Pictures of the menu:


It also had a salad like bar. We never ventured over to try any of it but it all looked fresh and delicious!


Here is what a typical Korean BBQ meal looks like.


Korean BBQ has quickly become a family favorite! And we love trying out different Korean BBQ restaurants. This place rates pretty high, the food is excellent and it has the play gym for the children! It’s nice being able to relax and enjoy our meal and the children can run and play while the food is being cooked. They would come back and nibble a little here and there between breaks from playing.


If anyone is interested in going to this restaurant it is in the next building over from La Cartata. Here is the picture of the outside of the building. It is on the second floor. There is a nice big parking garage behind the building as well. Our Suburban can easily be parked in there without fear of getting stuck – which is rare in Korean parking lots and garages.



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