Pyeongtaek Strawberry Farm

With Nick being gone for a month for an exercise Hillary has had to come up with some activities to keep the children busy, besides their weekly activities of gymnastics and language class.

Going to the Strawberry farm was kind of a big mile stone for her. She’s never needed to travel on any of the highways or major roads. She has only driven on post and just outside the main gate.

The farm has two tours, 11:ooam and 2:00pm, on Saturdays only.  We didn’t realize that you are supposed to call and make a reservation but they still allowed us to join the 2:00pm tour. It was 10,000 KRW per person to enter the greenhouse and eat all the strawberries your heart desires! After you’ve had your fill of strawberries you can go back up the hill to the big white building and enjoy homemade jam sandwiches and treat yourself at the chocolate fondue station.

We went with a group of spouses and children from Nick’s battalion. Everyone sure had a fun time. One of the children even made the comment that it was the best day he’s ever had!

2017-03-11 13.09.03.jpg

Our Children thought it was so neat to be able to eat the strawberries right off the vines. Ian of course being our picky one would only help us girls pick strawberries.

2017-03-11 14.11.07.jpg2017-03-11 14.19.03.jpg2017-03-11 14.11.13.jpg2017-03-11 14.19.43.jpg

If you ever come to Korea you must try the Korean strawberries, they are so sweet and delicious. No need for any sweetener on them.

2017-03-11 14.32.11.jpg

2017-03-11 14.32.29.jpg

They also have some farm animals that you can pet and feed. They had goats, donkeys, puppies, hens/ roosters. and bunnies.

2017-03-11 13.16.07.jpg2017-03-11 13.31.29.jpg2017-03-11 13.14.56.jpg2017-03-11 13.15.38.jpg2017-03-11 13.11.44.jpg2017-03-11 13.17.21.jpg

After the excitement of seeing the animals and filling out bellies with fresh strawberries we munched on some yummy jam sandwiches!

2017-03-11 14.56.13.jpg

If you are looking for a little fresh air and some mouthwatering delicious fruit definitely check this place out! It’s very easy to navigate to using Waze and the owners speak English.



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